Our story

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Learn our story

How it started


The beginning

Distribution of high quality fast moving consumer packaged goods.





* Sales by year


The growth

Independent offices and warehouses in Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Stara Zagora, Burgas, Shumen, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse and Pleven.


Sustainable development

Driven by the enthusiasm of its founder and his strong team, the company has created a strong market position and maintain its good name.

Our mission

We find and represent producers who create their products at competitive prices without compromise in quality.

The success

In order to retain our stable positions on FMCG market we follow several rules:
– We keep long-term, stable relations with international and local partners, taking into consideration all their opinions and recommendations. No matter if you are international or local partner, we will satisfy your demands and requirements. We believe that trade is all about partnership. And our baseline is that our client’s business is a genuine part of our business.
– We are able to create opportunities for marketing and sales of new products and brands that have no recognition on our local market.
– We help all of our retail partners – from the international chains, to the small family shops to choose the most appropriate products to meet their market opportunities.
– We aim to properly deliver our orders on time and at the required locations.
– Our company is striving to meet the local market challenges of the day.
– We enjoy working with pleasure and enthusiasm for our partners who value quality and correct business collaboration.


Our decision to exclusively represent our partners and their bands is derived from the relatively small-sized market in Bulgaria. This approach allows our company to uniquely represent our brands and exercise effective marketing monitoring and promotion.


We constantly invest in creation and management of reliable relationships, and we are proud that those efforts are recognized and valued from our partners and customers. We are established as a stable and respected company in the sphere of trade.


The economic climate and the purchasing power of Bulgaria’s population had changed repeatedly for the last ten years. Despite the market turbulence we succeed to adapt thanks to our effective business model, and our disciplined team capable to deal with stress at workplace.


We strive for receiving proper feedback from front-line operations, from our clients and employees. Our marketing team use ATL and BTL activities in order to reinforce the attention to different brands.

Mistral Bulgaria

We maintain a portfolio of carefully selected, diverse, chocolate, pasta, sweet and savory products. The essential part of the portfolio is the healthy and low calorie foods. We strive to reach out to as many clients and end users as we can on the local market by offering products and providing services satisfying all their needs.