SKU: 05132020

4.86 лв.

Weight: 180 g.
Transport package: 8 pcs. x 180g.

Product Description


Crispbread based on 5 grains: wheat, rye, spelt, barley, oats and sprinkles with white and black sesame seeds.

Classic crispbread is a line of products whose preparation process is based on the unique recipe of crispbread Chrupak 180 G and is our reaction to the collected commercial experience.
The Classic line offers 4 different taste products.

The first step in preparing a perfect product is the careful selection of ingredients, then we mix the dough, create individual pieces and ferment them. The second step is baking, cooling and packing.

Our products are exceptionally crunchy and tasty, thanks to the use of artisanal technology.

Ingredients of: CLASSIC CRISPBREAD 5 GRAINS 180 g

Wheat Flour, White Sesame Seeds 12%, Graham Wheat Flour 12%, Wholemeal Rye Flour 7%, Brown Linseed, Golden Linseed, Wheat Gluten, Wholemeal Spelt Flour 4%, Black Sesame Seeds 3%, Yeast, Corn Flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2%, Sea Salt, Wholemeal Barley Flour 1%, Wholemeal Oat Flour 1%, Barley Malt Flour, Dry Rye Sourdough [Rye Flour, Water, Starter Cultures].

Nutritional values of: CLASSIC CRISPBREAD 5 GRAINS 180 g

Nutritional value per 100 g per serving 22.5 g % NRV per serving 22.5 g
Energy value 1818 kJ / 434 kcal 409 kJ / 98 kcal 5 %
Fat 17 g 3,8 g 5 %
of which saturated 2 g 0,46 g 2 %
Carbohydrates 49 g 11 g 4 %
of which sugars 0,84 g 0,19 g < 1 %
Dietary fiber 8,4 g 1,9 g
Protein 17 g 3,9 g 8 %
Salt 1,7 g 0,39 g 7 %

Reference intake value for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal). The package contains 8 servings of 22.5 g.

Used in the same production plant / possible cross contamination: peanuts and other nuts, eggs, milk, soy, sulfur dioxide and products thereof.


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