LA MERE POULARD Pure Butter large biscuits 135g

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3.69 лв.

Weight 125 g.

Transport package: 12 pcs. x 125 g in a box

Product Description

Pure Butter large biscuits 135g

Its oval shape and crispy texture with a good taste of butter will delight your taste buds. Find this gourmet biscuit in a Collector case of 2 sachets of 4 biscuits.

no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no coloring
pure butter, free range eggs


Wheat flour (France), butter (24%), sugar, whole milk powder, eggs (1.6%), eggs yolk powder (0.8%), salt, natural vanilla flavouring, caramel (glucose syrup, water, sugar).

Nutritional values

For 100 grams Energetic value (kJ) 2145 Caloric value (kcal) 512 Moisture (g) 1,7 Protein (g) 7,5 Carbohydrates (of which sugar) (g) 63,3 (22,1) Total fat (of which saturated fat) (g) 25,1 (16,9) Trans fat (g) 0,73 Dietary fibers (g) 1,6 Salt (g) 0,26 Sodium (mg) 104


Contains: gluten, milk and eggs.
May contain traces of soya, sesame seed and nuts.

Product origin

Made in France, in Brittany 30 kilometers from Mont Saint-Michel



Minimum durability date

– Shelf life: 12 months in the original and unopened package.

Guaranteed lifespan at delivery

6 months

Storage temperature

Storage temperature: At room temperature.

Storage condition

– Storage conditions: Store away from moisture and heat.
– After the opening of the freshness bag, keep the biscuits on a sealed box and eat them rapidly.

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