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Weight: 40 g.
Transport package: 4 pcs. x 40 gr.

A unique chocolate recipe in a smaller, convenient format. Wedel – highest quality and best flavour known for generations.

Do you know?

Chocolate needs to be prepared according to a carefully designed recipe in order to delight you with its extraordinary taste and melt-in-your-mouth effect. Wedel chocolate is made from cocoa beans from Ghana, which gives each bar a unique, deep taste. The final stage of chocolate manufacturing is the conching process, which influences the final taste. It can last up to several tens of hours for dark chocolate.

The shipping package is listed for merchants ordering large quantities. It is not necessarily a minimum order quantity.

E. Wedel has 170 years of experience in chocolate production. We only use best quality ingredients – like cocoa beans from Ghana. Ghana beans are famous for their rich, bitter but at the same time well balanced taste. Carefully selected ingredients and many years of experience in developing the best chocolate recipes make Wedel tablets so unique and loved by consumers.

Jan Wedel, one of the three founding fathers of the E.Wedel brand, was a very innovative person. Both when it comes to product novelties and marketing activities. It was Jan Wedel who had the image of a boy on a zebra created. In 2020 we used storytelling and placed our Brand Heroes on the packaging.

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