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Product Description

This tea originates in an extraordinary marriage of two culinary worlds: the European cranberry and the exotic, oriental ginger. The playful cranberry gives the infusion its youthful tanginess, while the sensual ginger gives the tea its warming qualities and adds fantastic energy.

What makes LOYD Cranberry with Ginger tea so insanely tasty?

Because we have done everything we can to get the best that nature can provide in every pyramid teabag. That’s why we have used a special silky and biodegradable material, which allows boiling water to reach even the smallest pieces of dried fruit.

When is LOYD Cranberry with Ginger tea at its most enchanting?

It all depends on the time of day. At midday, the refreshing, somewhat frivolous, cranberry is calling the shots. But the evenings belong to the sense-inflaming ginger

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