LOYD Rosehip & Apple Tea 20 Pyramid Filters 40g

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Product Description

LOYD Rosehip & Apple Tea 20 Pyramid Filters 40g

First we take the sweet taste of Polish apple, smoothed by the autumn sun, then we add to it the unfettered sensuality of rose hips. This combination will always bring a completely unexpected taste.

Why does LOYD Rosehip and Apple tea taste so divine?

We have discovered a unique way to release the velvety sweetness of apples and the tender sensuality of rose hips. It was enough to store the dried fruit in specially designed, three-dimensional bags made of recyclable material.

When will LOYD Darts and Apple fascinate you the most?

When you feel you need to recover quickly or take a moment to rest and relax. Hot broth or iced tea is an ideal means of soothing.


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