LOYD cold tea promo 2+1 cup strawberry+raspberry and lemon, lime+mint

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LOYD cold tea promo 2+1 cup strawberry+raspberry and lemon, lime+mint

The LOYD brand was created on the basis of extensive business experience, passion and cooperation with the legendary London tea house Thompson Lloyd & Eward, which has been present on the market since 1760. The company is constantly developing segments of tea categories and focusing on leadership in terms of quality.

LOYD’s portfolio includes black, green and white teas, including exotic offerings such as rooibos and yerba mate, as well as functional blends. The excellent aromatic compositions are mainly obtained thanks to the use of selected natural materials of the highest quality. The high quality of the teas we offer is also guaranteed by the most modern machines for portioning tea in pyramids and strict quality criteria in the selection of the natural materials used. Monitoring covers the entire production cycle, starting from the source, i.e. the harvest, by harvesting and transporting to
the factory.

The name of our company, for our partners and customers, is a symbol of correct and professional relations.

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Mistral is the only distributor for Bulgaria of the LLOYD brand.

Fast delivery to your home or office for orders over BGN 49.80 of Lloyd’s iced tea – promo.

Here you can see the entire range of Lloyd’s teas, which only Mistral offers.

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