CHE-CRI cheese slice chedar& peper

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12 pieces in a box

Net weight: 67.5 g.

Made in the Netherlands by ROKA.

Product Description

CHE-CRI cheese snacks chedar& peper

Che Cri is a Dutch brand with cheese snacks. The name is an abbreviation of Cheese Crispies. We offer qualitative cheese snacks with mature cheese and with a superior texture. We only use puff pastry for our products, which consists of 90 layers, of which 45 layers of cheese and 45 layers of dough.
The range consist of Gouda Crispies, Cheddar Crispies with Onion, Cheddar Crispies with Black Pepper and Gouda Sticks.

Ingredients: wheat flour (gluten), vegetable fats (palm, coconut) and vegetable oil (rapeseed), Gouda cheese (13%) (milk), cheese (2%) (milk), salt. May contain traces of sesame.

Average nutritional values per 100 g of product:

Energy value: 2884kJ/598kcal;
Fats 45g
of which saturated fatty acids 24g
Carbohydrates 36g
of which sugars 0.7g; 0.7g
Proteins 11g
Salt 2.38g

Roka Cheese Crispies

The company ROKA was founded in 1949 in Delft (the Netherlands) by Jo Roodenrijs, as a side business to his patisserie shop in Delft, the Netherlands. The name ROKA comes from his family name ROodenrijs and KAastabletten (which means cheese crispies). The company specialized in the production of very high quality, crispy puff-pastry biscuits, abundantly flavoured with over 30% matured Gouda cheese. Mr Roodenrijs strived to deliver the best quality to his customers.

In 2002 the company was sold. The new management, embraces the original mission of being a fine example of manufacturing authentic Dutch cheese biscuits. They invested a lot in ‘state of the art’ new production lines respecting the original recipes and production process.

ROKA Cheese Crispies have an excellent unique flavour and texture. The unique taste comes from the high percentage (30%) of real matured cheese which is used. The texture is really unique because every single biscuit is made from refined puff-pastry, consisting of 90 layers (45 layers of dough and 45 layers of cheese). Our Crispies are still baked according to the original recipe created in 1949. Ever since, ROKA has continued to focus on making the finest quality cheese biscuits, made from the best ingredients to create those special moments of indulgence.

The range has expanded over time with different cheeses like Cheddar, Emmental and Parmigiano and flavours like onion, black pepper and garlic.  The range has also been expanded with cheese sticks and cheese puffs which are baked from the same refined puff-pastry and matured old Gouda cheese. However, the pastry is cut in a different way, resulting in a different shape and bite. Besides this, they have the same intense and delicate cheese taste that melts on the tongue.  The ROKA products are sold in an original line, the delftblue line and the gift line.

Additional Information

Weight 675 kg


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