HEIDI chocolates MozartK – dates and coffee (8 pcs.)

SKU: 02015721

12.00 лв.

Weight: 136 g.

Product Description

Over 25 years ago a famous and passionate Swiss Chocolatier founded HEIDI by passing on the secret art of creating chocolate. The name of the company was inspired by the little girl of Johanna Spyri’s story, who always saw the bright side of life. Today, HEIDI remains the chocolate that inspires with visibly delicious combinations and a strong positive message.

We believe in… The inspiring wisdom of nature, The wondrous taste of natural ingredients, The passion and dedication of craftsmanship, The unexpected paths of curiosity, And the absolute beauty of staying positive!

Mistral Bulgaria

We maintain a portfolio of carefully selected, diverse, chocolate, pasta, sweet and savory products. The essential part of the portfolio is the healthy and low calorie foods. We strive to reach out to as many clients and end users as we can on the local market by offering products and providing services satisfying all their needs.