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INGREDIENTS: Tuna, olive oil, salt NET WEIGHT: 185 G SHELF LIFE: 3 YEARS

Dardanelle was founded in 1984 in Canakkale, one of the cities with the most fertile land and sea in Turkey. In 1986, for the first time, the miraculous Mediterranean tuna entered the table of the Turks, through the DARDANEL brand. Since then, it has been the favorite canned tuna brand for millions around the world.

What makes the Dardanelles fish so unique?

Dardanel is a 100% natural product. Only tuna, oil/water and salt are used in the cans. Plus, there are no preservatives or additives. The fish does not come from the farm, but from the clean oceans. All stages of the preparation of the Dardanelle canned fish entering your kitchens, from catching through freezing, to opening and cooking, are strictly tracked thanks to the codes on the boxes that the customer receives.

Another great advantage of Dardanelle tuna is that there is no risk of heavy metals/mercury. Dardanelles tuna are not farmed. Yellowfin tuna and bluefin tuna are caught in the Atlantic and Indian oceans by natural fisheries.

The most common catch method used in natural fishing is the seine purse seine method. This fishing gear is activated by installing a netting system that surrounds schools of fish.

Tuna caught with a giant net, which is shaped like an open bag with the ropes closed around the base of the net, is stored in refrigerators at -18 degrees on the Dardanelles ships. Dardanelles tuna is caught by natural fisheries in the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Caught fish weighing between 1.5 and 3 kg are delivered to the Canakkale factory on ships with refrigerators at (-18) degrees without spoiling their freshness. The factory uses healthy BPA-free packaging and is filled with fish, oil and a little sea salt without using any additives.


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