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5.70 лв.

160 gr.

Transport package: 24 x 160 g.

Product Description

INGREDIENTS: Corn (32%), Tuna (25%), water, green peas, carrot, olive oil, red pepper, vinegar, black olive, sugar, salt, lemon sauce, spices NET WEIGHT: 160 G SHELF LIFE: 3 YEARS

Since the day Dardanel founded in 1984, Çanakkale, we keep on growing and contributing to the success of Turkey by working passionately. Our main mission is to get people to love seafood by using only Premium quality natural ingredients for consumers to buy with trust. Tuna fish is a precious and elusive species which deserves awareness and consideration. It is delicious and nutrious source of lean protein with vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, a fantastic and very healthy food. With over 2.000 employees we are manufacturing with enthusiasm and this distinguishes us from others. Our mission is to sustain this miraculous protein to the new generations. We source our raw materials only from sustainable sources. Our principal responsibility is to work towards a sustainable industry. We will continue to work hard to create sustainable and healthy meal solutions with full of love.

Mistral Bulgaria

We maintain a portfolio of carefully selected, diverse, chocolate, pasta, sweet and savory products. The essential part of the portfolio is the healthy and low calorie foods. We strive to reach out to as many clients and end users as we can on the local market by offering products and providing services satisfying all their needs.