ALKA Home Cake with Vanilla and Chocolate Chips 300 g

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ALKA Home Cake with Vanilla and Chocolate Chips 300 g

Weight: 300 g.

Product Description

We combined the soft taste of vanilla with chocolate chips for a dessert ideal for the whole family!

Benefitting from the expertise of bakers from Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Romania, and experimenting with various recipes over a 3-year period, the Home Cake by Alka specialists was created. With eight different selections, you will never be short of your choice.

In response to its consumer needs and enquiries Alka created the Mini Home Cake, a perfectly sized snack for every day enjoyment. Maintaining the premium quality of the larger Home Cake, the Mini Home Cake is the selective choice for any busy person who appreciates a quick and handy snack, anywhere, at any time.

Mistral Bulgaria

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